Honey</br> (Natural Sweetener)

(Natural Sweetener)

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Honey was used by ancient cultures as a treatment for everything from healing wounds, to keeping gums healthy and the gastrointestinal tract strong. It may even be the oldest sweetener known to man. Honey in its raw unfiltered state is considered a superfood. So, can we “bee” healthier by making this simple swap from sugar to natural-pure-unpasteurized Honey?

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Do you know? Honey is also known as….
šahad – Madha – Madhu – Tēṉ – tēne – Ka Ngap

Honey has been used as a folk remedy since ages and is known to have great medicinal value. Our honey is unpasteurized, as the process of pasteurization makes it lose its beneficial nurtrients & its natural taste.
Natural honey, on the other hand does not undergo any such process and is preferred by most of the people. It has a different taste which proves that its a natural product.
Since, Meghalaya is considered one of the best regions for bee-keeping, the state has great potential in rearing bees. This is the reason why you can rely on getting good quality and purest honey here.
Sattva Sugandha deals in obtaining natural raw honey from the bee-keepers so that you get all the valuable and essential nutrients you require.

Honey on my mind!

  1. Honey is best stored / consumed at room temperature.
  2. Honey should not be warmed, cooked or heated under any condition as it looses it’s nutrients & the properties of honey change.
  3. Pure & raw honey crystallizes over a period of time, which is a natural & spontaneous process. It’s a myth that after crystallization the honey is spoiled.

Unboxing – Raw, Natural, Unifloral Mandarin Orange Blossom Honey from Khasi Hills Meghalaya

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Weight 500 g

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(Natural Sweetener)

  1. Abhi

    The packing is amzing, ensures very safe transit and storage at home .

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