Dry Ginger Powder

  • Food Seasoning / Flavoring Agent

    Sonth is a highly versatile warm spice with pungent taste and is used in various ways in the culinary world, including flavoring food, beverages, meat, making pickles/ Chutney's and baked dishes. The ginger oil is used as food flavoring in soft drinks.

  • Healer

    This spice possess medicinal properties & hence has been long in use in traditional & Herbal medicine. It helps in digestion, enhances appetite, pacifies stomach disorders, and maintains joint health and respiratory system health. It is also known to treat inflammation and throat related diseases. Sonth helps managing the metabolism and aids in weight loss. It has anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties.

  • Healthy Skin

    Sonth is used as a DIY toner to remove impurities, reduce dryness, tone the skin & keep it hyderated. Preparation is simple - Boil two teaspoons of dry ginger powder (sonth) in about 4 cups of water. Reduce this till it becomes half. Strain and cool; now add few drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix all these ingredients well and store it in a glass bottle. Refrigerate this toner and apply with cotton on the face.


Use this ingredient in small quantity, as directed in various recipes, as too much presence of this ingredient can give a bitter taste to the food or beverage and the excess use may cause some other health issues.