Spice Fivesome: <br> Cardamom + Black Pepper + Clove + Turmeric Powder + Cinnamon

Spice Fivesome:
Cardamom + Black Pepper + Clove + Turmeric Powder + Cinnamon

Weight: 650 Grams

M.R.P :2,599.00
Sale Price : 1,699.00 Price including GST

This power pack contains spices that are used daily for cooking, baking & for medicinal purposes.



Cardamom – Popularly known as ‘Queen of Spices’, Cardamom is a versatile spice used in various forms worldwide. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Cardamom spice has been recognized since centuries – mainly for its culinary and medicinal properties.

Black Pepper – Aptly called as the ‘King of Spices’ – as it is the world’s most traded spice. In medieval times the store of pepper was related to a man’s wealth and it was used as currency for trading. Black pepper has digestive benefits that help remove toxins from the body and increase metabolism.

Clove – Being most flavorful spice, Clove has been used as an important ingredient for cooking for over 2000 years. It is not just another spice in one’s kitchen spice cabinet – it is known to be a powerful health supplement with a wide variety of uses and applications.

Turmeric Powder – Turmeric is known to be the ‘wonder spice’ surely for all the right reasons. The history of turmeric dates back to more than 4,000 years and it holds religious significance, is a functional food, and is also used in medicine. It truly has elaborate uses and is a key item in most households.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon has been used historically as an aromatic spice and as medicine. The fragrance, taste and texture of cinnamon makes it a very popular spice. It was very highly priced and used as currency in the olden days.

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Weight 650 g


Black Pepper




Turmeric Powder





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Cardamom + Black Pepper + Clove + Turmeric Powder + Cinnamon”

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