Our Vision

We, as a fast-paced civilisation, are leaving behind all practices that our ancestors followed. The basis of those traditions and practices was years of experience, faith, knowledge and scientific research. One of the key factor that was and is still emphasised, is to ensure that the food is cooked with natural and fresh vegetables and spices. However, with the lifestyle we are following, we tend to ignore the very basic ingredients of food – whole spices and end up using processed / adulterated products – which certainly is not a great idea!!!

In order to strengthen our health, we must ensure to inculcate our heritage ingredients by reducing the use of preservatives, artificial powders and foods by buying/using products that are natural and free of all the additives!! At the same time we want to reconnect ourselves to the backbone of our society – the farmers and value their hard work!

It's time we Return To our Roots!!

The Sattva Sugandha Story

Welcome to Sattva Sugandha! What started as a passion for making the most flavorful dishes for loved ones, using only fresh and authentic spices, has eventually exploded into this venture of ours. We are an online spice shop that works hard to sustain the passion for spices of our customers and hence selects the finest of the spices from the farms where spices are grown with lot of experience and harvesting them is like a tradition and a faith. The varieties of these high quality premium spices are sourced directly from the original lands of spices!
Team Sattva Sugandha is dedicated in giving you the very best of the spices – with a focus on authenticity, quality, dependability, customer service and we obsessively aim for that!! We are committed to spread the flavors of Indian spices throughout the ever developing modern world.

We are thrilled to be a part of the spices industry and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Go Green

Our little step towards a greener future!!

Our ideology has always been – fresh and natural – be it the vegetables or spices that we use in our daily life or the lifestyle, as what we give to nature, we get the same back!!! So we always believed and felt responsible to plant at least one tree/plant, when and wherever possible, so that our future generations can enjoy the same way as us. In keeping the tradition this was our latest seed of Jackfruit that we planted at Thekkady – Niraamaya retreats cardamom club.

We encourage each and everyone of you to do the same, so that our mother earth gets nurtured the same way she nurtures us all!!

Don’t forget to tag us (#sattvasugandha) & share your beautiful efforts for a surprise!

Each One - Grow One!!

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