Bay Leaf</br> (Fragrant Leaf)

Bay Leaf
(Fragrant Leaf)

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Indian Bay leaves are also known as Tej Patta. The bay leaf plant is grown for ornamental use, as well as dried and used in cooking. The aroma and flavour of bay leaves is strongly reminiscent of cinnamon, cloves and cassia. Bay leaves are high in several vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants.

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Do you know? Bay Leaf is also known as… Tej Patta – Tamal Patra – Tamal Patr – Brinji elai – Masala Aku.

Bay leaf comes from the bay laurel plant, an evergreen shrub that grows slowly in warm climates. Bay leaves are available whole—either fresh or dried—or ground into a powder. Most often, recipes call for dried whole bay leaves, which have a slightly stronger scent than fresh. Because the leaves do not soften as they cook, they are added to simmering sauces or included in a braising liquid, and then removed before serving. Bay leaves add a complex flavor to dishes and are a key staple in many soups, curries, Mughalai cuisine and sauces. Interestingly, bay leaf oil is also used in the preparation of perfumes.Bay leaf contains notable plant-derived compounds, vitamins and minerals which offer a range of benefits. It may help improve digestion, has strong antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, helps in hair health, protects heart health, helps in reducing anxiety & stress.

Sattva Sugandha’s highly aromatic bay leaves are special because:

  • They are grown organically in a farm in the Ri-War hills of Meghalaya.
  • The entire team ensures that they are handpicked & sun dried.
  • The sorting is done manually to ensure good quality leaves.

Additional information

Weight 100 g

Premium quality and farm sourced product


Single origin that are handpicked by experts


Free of any chemicals, additives, added color & preservatives


Packed in airtight composite container which comes with a sealed pack and a freshness clip (to be used once the pack is open). Freebie – bookmark inside the box


Authentic spices from India

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(Fragrant Leaf)

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    This is so Good and aromatic….

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