• Sweetner / Flavoring Agent

    The most common use of honey has been the healthy sweetner for your beverages, for many as a replacement for sugar. It is very commonly used in cooking as well.

  • Medicinal Use

    It is known to treat a wide array of illnesses, ailments & injuries - helps in fighting infections, relieving cough / cold symptoms, bad breath, weakness to name a few.

  • Hair / Skin Health

    Natural Honey has moisturizing qualities that make it very helpful in pamepering oneself - shine / condition hair, wash your face with a mix of honey and little warm water, massage and rinse it off with lukewarm water to enjoy a clean and moisturized complexion! Honey used directly or mixed with your DIY face masks, helps to add moisture to dry or windburned skin and is a very well known for its anti ageing properties. If you suffer from dry / chapped lips - exfoliate your lips and then mix yogurt with honey & apply.


Use this ingredient in small quantity, as directed in various recipes, as excess use may cause some other health issues. For children, natural honey can be a boon if given in small and right quantity.