Why Whole Spices

The chemistry of a dish and a spice has always been a very interesting one. Spices add amazing dimensions to the food we cook and there is no better gourmet experience than having excellent food with fresh natural spices at the peak of their flavor. In general, spices are used in many different ways – whole / crushed / powdered / syrup etc.- and there is no denying that already ground / powdered spice is convenient to use, however for better flavor & longer freshness, whole spices are always recommended!!!

When we use whole spices, an aromatic hint of each whole spice is added to a dish that is typically steamed or cooked with oil over a stovetop and the dish can be served as is because it looks pretty or the whole spices can be fished out before serving! One of the reasons why spices are very delicious is because of the oil they contain, which are both flavorful and aromatic and when exposed to air are extremely volatile. So the best way to retain that oil is to let it remain inside the seed or spice because as soon as we grind them up, the oils are exposed and spices awesomeness is mellowed down. Our parents – grand parents and the generations before, have always bought the whole spices and ground them at home as and when required and we very well can remember and feel /smell / see the difference. A freshly ground spice will always have an eye-popping aroma and a complex yet deep flavor.

By buying spices in their whole form, we are ensuring that their health benefits remain intact – allowing one to enjoy the full benefit of improved digestion, boosted metabolism and plenty of other health benefits too. Since centuries, the spices have been an important and integral ingredient in making health beneficial drinks for boosting our immunity or fighting the cold. Each spice has its own unique quality to add and enhance the taste, flavor and benefit of the benerage. In Ayurveda, the spices concoctions have proved time and again the importance of spices in our daily lives!

Spice advice – The spices by nature are aromatic, however to ensure that they reach their full flavor potential – they need our help!! Grinding or cracking the spices is part of the equation – but it’s heat that really wakes up those aromatic oils!!! Roasting with dry heat and blooming in oil on moist heat are classic techniques. By dry-roasting the spices (before grinding them), you will get even more of an aroma and flavor knock-out.

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