Nutmeg <br>(Bakers Delight)

(Bakers Delight)

Weight: 150 Grams

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Pleasantly aromatic, Nutmeg is the whole kernel (seed) of the fruit, removed from out its outer covering (aril). Nutmeg finds its way into both delicate and pungent blends of cuisines. It has formed an important place in Ayurveda medicines and in our kitchen spice cabinet.



Do you know? Nutmeg is also known as….Jaiphal – Jathikai – Jajikai – Zaaphal

Nutmeg – An exotic spice that is commonly used in the preparation of various cuisines, Nutmeg is valued for its sweet aroma and is a popular spice made from the seeds of Myristica Fragrans, a tropical evergreen tree. It is versatile and delicious, has a warm, sweet flavor, which is why it’s commonly added in small quantities (grated or powdered) to desserts, including pies, cakes, cookies, breads, fruit salads, custards, soups & meat gravies . Nutmeg can be sprinkled onto starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and pumpkin to create a deep, interesting flavor. The spice is also a regular feature in Mughlai cuisine, being used as part of the various masala mixes for the meat preparations. Interestingly, you can add it to warm or cold beverages, including apple cider, hot chocolate, chai tea, turmeric lattes, and smoothies. Nutmeg contains powerful antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties along with antibacterial effects against potentially harmful strains of bacteria. It helps to promote digestion, improve brain health, oral health, liver protection. It also regulates blood pressure and may help relieve insomnia.

Additional information

Weight 150 g

Premium quality and farm sourced product


Single origin that are handpicked by experts


Free of any chemicals, additives, added color & preservatives


Packed in airtight composite container which comes with a sealed pack and a freshness clip (to be used once the pack is open). Freebie – bookmark inside the box


Authentic spices from India


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