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Queen of Spices
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Sattva Sugandha

Introducing Ms. Sugandha, who is going to meet you in many other cultural forms and is excited to start our journey with you all from here ....

Welcome to the authentic world of spices!

We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to providing you with pure, handpicked and fresh spices that are single-origin and farm sourced.

Through our journey of cooking, we come across a variety of spices that enhance the flavor of the food we cook…some by adding aroma…some through flavor…and some through color. Each spice on its own has a unique feature to add to the cuisine.

So here we are, ready to share our passion for premium quality spices!!

What We Stand For


Sattva Sugandha aims to provide spices that guarantee highest quality and authentic aroma, color, freshness and flavor. It is ensured that only the best quality produce is packed.


The aroma / freshness of our spices define the taste and authenticity. Each and every spice is handpicked from the farmlands in a traditional way so as to provide our customers with the best.


In an endeavour to provide right flavors, we connect - without going through any store or market along the way, with the farmers who have been in the trade for generations & harvesting is like a tradition.


We are passionate about spices & guarantee to bring premium products to your table. So we are thrilled to introduce our Single Origin collection - each one with their own unique stories/history.

Why Sattva Sugandha

Sattva Sugandha works hard to cater premium range of spices for our customers & ensures that only the hand picked, natural, flavorful & authentic spices are provided, that too at a price that is easy for everyones pocket!! Being one of the best in whole spices, we have ensured to be considerate to our environment by using reusable/ recyclable cans, eco friendly pouches. All our products are single origin & grown without using any artificial substances.

Sattva Sugandha spices

We believe in farm to kitchen approach, thus strengthening our farmers – who are the backbone of our society!!
We at Sattva Sugandha promise to stay committed to deliver to our customers the best always.
And we will make sure you enjoy good spices just the way they should be!
Your choice is correct, you will love it! As with Sattva Sugandha spices the food will be scrumptious!!

Our Customers Love us

This is what they say..

  • Fabulous packaging. But they say never judge a book by its cover. Had ordered Nutmace and Cinnamon from them. As good as the packing might be, the product gets only better. Very good spices in terms of smell and taste. Keep up the good work. 👍🏻

    Kunal Kothari

    ( )
  • Amazing experience! Superior quality stuff!

  • Thank you so much for relishing our premium products. We are really happy to hear your valuable inputs & we will surely be looking forward for many more products in the coming future. Please do Like / follow us on our social media handles (Facebook and Instagram) for further updates. Thank you so much. We look forward to serve you more. Happy Shopping!

    Atul Soni

  • Amazing Aroma, Authentic Taste, Above all – Naturally Raised.

    The Dream Combo Box is a gift pack , my wife uses every day to cook various delicacies. Simply raises the quality of cooking to the next level.

    Highly Recommended ! Value for Money !

    Enoch Walter

  • Excellent products by this brand. The quality of the spices is way better than any one of the other top brands. So fragnent and full of flavours! Highly satisfied customer! 🙂


  • Absolutely love Sattva Sugandha products. The spices are very fragrant and flavourful and have become a staple in our kitchen. Apart from that, the packaging is of top quality and ensures that the spices retain their freshness.

    Ananya Sharma

  • These spices were very fresh and fragrant.
    good quality product, in tightly sealed packaging,
    I must say I believe These are the best spices I’ve ever tasted.
    Good Work

    Veronica Stone

  • Earlier I was buying stuff from local vendor but then someone recommended me this product . Now it’s is more then three months I have been using this product and very satisfied with the quality . Their is a huge difference in the quality what we buy from outside and in this product . I highly recommend both type of Peppers as taste as very authentic. My friend and relatives also started using them and having same feedback.

    Anuj Jain

  • Worth recommending spices!! Good job👍

    Manu Maini

  • So happy to finally have authentic whole spices from Kerala ..perfect products to have in your pantry / kitchen .. the taste the aroma and the colors are amazing … Sattva Sugandha has raised the bar and set the 5 star standards in the market.

    Parag Tendulkar

  • Authentic and aromatic spices…really lift’s up your dish taste.

    Kanishk Maini

  • Good quality at best price. Please give it a try if you haven’t already,
    we are using these products on daily basis.

    Rajni Upadhyay

  • First choice for all spices.

    Alpi Sharma

  • Very nice products

    Abhijit Sen

  • Authentic and trustworthy 👌

    Asheesh Sharma

  • Thank you so much. Happy Shopping!

    Abhishek Bhawsar

  • Thank you so much. Happy Shopping!

    Bela Shah

  • Thank you so much. Happy Shopping!

    Amentha Marques

  • Thank you so much. Happy Shopping!

    Tina Arora

  • Thank you so much. Happy Shopping!

    Anjali Gautam