What we do

In our storage facility, the spices are packed in clean and thick containers made of wood or steel, as this protects it from the ingress of moisture, sun, rain, excessive heat and retains its green color. The store is dark, dry, well ventilated, cool, clean, free from any kind of odours and proofed against the entry of insects / pests.

What you should do

At home, whole spices are best stored in the original whole form, in the airtight composite container provided by us. The inside pouch should be sealed with our “freshness clip” given in the box.

Whole spices can be stored upto 2 years in an airtight container in a cool – dry place. Avoid keeping the spices near stoves, refrigerators and any heat emitting devices.

Once in every 4-5 months ensure to keep it under morning or evening sun for about 10 minutes. This will help retain the freshness of the spices. Make sure not to expose for too long!!

Spice Advice

The best bet for long-term spice storage is to buy your spices whole – as whole spices lose flavor less rapidly than pre-ground spices!!